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Bu'l sayttyng negizgi maqsaty qazaq tilin Internette damytu, qoldanu ayasyn y'lkeytu ja'ne jan-jaqty damytu. Bu'l sayt Qazaqstannan da, shet elderden de adamdar kirip Astana turaly, Qazaqstan turaly aqparatty oqyp, memleketimizding tilimen, dinimen tanystyru y'shin qu'rastyryp otyrmyz. Osy saytty damytugha qoyylyp otyrghan maqsattar ko'p. Say'ttyng dizayny, ky'negeyli aqparat jangartu uaqyt pen engbek talap etedi.

By'gingi ky'ni biz o'zimiz o'zimizge demeushi bolyp otyrmyz. Sayt Qazaq-Britan Tehnikalyq universitetinde ornalasqan.

Eger sizge bizding baghytymyz, jasaghan ju'mysymyz u'nasa, bizge demeushilik ko'rsete alasyz.

Bizding esep-shotymyz:

Р/с 008715352

БИК 195301304

РНН 482110166320

КБЕ 19

наименование ИП Аймаганов

филиал "Астана" АО "Банк ТуранАлем"

The main purpose of this site is developing Kazakhh language in the Internet. We are trying to inform the people, who are interested in Kazakh language and culture, with the needed information about Kazakhstan and its capital Astana city. There are many projects and plans to develope and expand this site. But it needs work and takes much time, of course.

Today the sponsors of this site are only we. And if you want to support our job, you could be our sponsor. Here is the bank account:

Р/с 008715352

BIC 195301304

РНН 482110166320

КБЕ 19

the name of the Individual Bussiness Aimaganov

branch "Astana" JSC "BankTuranAlem"


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